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    Suite Hotels that allow two cribs in a Room??

    Looking at going in November, I have Twin Boys, 11months old. Anyhow I notice most internet sites state only 1 Crib, even in 2 room suites ??? Even a hotel chain we've used before and had no problems with two cribs in the EXACT same hotel layout is stating so...

    Anyone know of a hotel that's willing to allow 2 Cribs. (They're too big for one crib).

    I'm looking at myself, my wife's parents and the two boys going... figured I can find a two room suite out there... worst case is we'll need to get two rooms and a crib in each... I can understand this for like a really small room for safety, but you'd think the two room plus a living room type hotels (IE: Townplace Suites/Residence Inn wouldn't be an issue. (Since Residence Inn in Anchorage has zero issues a few months back).

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    Re: Suite Hotels that allow two cribs in a Room??

    I don't know, but I'd start by calling a chain that you have stayed with before.
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    Re: Suite Hotels that allow two cribs in a Room??

    Fire Marshal's rules.

    The Residence Inn on S. Harbor in Garden Grove will let you. They might tell you no for liability issues, but they won't stop you from setting them both up. Their kid's suites are awesome!

    It's a very nice place to stay, too!

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