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    Question Tropicana Inn & Suites reveiws?

    We were thinking of staying at the Tropicana Inn ans Suites when we visit Disneyland this year. I picked it for these three very important reasons (for us anyway) it is soooo close to Disney and the rooms have a microwave and fridge in them.
    My question is, does anyone recommend this hotel or not?


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    Re: Tropicana Inn & Suites reveiws?

    Eh, it was okay. I can't strongly recommend or not recommend it, other than it as a place to sleep.
    Coming on a whirlwind trip 12/4 and 12/5 just to see the holiday decorations. Hope the park isn't too full of spoiled mall-goers to enjoy!

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    Re: Tropicana Inn & Suites reveiws?

    I have stayed there A LOT and its good. Don't run off and compare it to the Grand or anything, but we stay there a lot... actually we will be there next week!
    I have spent 80 days of my life at Disneyland.

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    Re: Tropicana Inn & Suites reveiws?

    It's super close to the park entrance and we've stayed there twice. Not bad at all. I read reviews and they were horrible but really not bad and the staff was very accomodating.

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