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    Disneyland Hotel "resort" view?

    My last trip to Disneyland, I stayed at Paradise Pier with a theme park view, and the view of DCA really was worth the money. However, I've always wanted to stay at DLH, only I notice they specify a "resort" view, without ever mentioning what part of the resort you might be overlooking. I don't really want to look at Mickey and Friends, or the anthill of Downtown Disney. Is the DLH resort view worth it, or should I just stay at Paradise Pier again? Is the theme park view at GCH any good? Being lower to the ground, it seems like the rooms wouldn't have such a nice over-view of things.
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    Re: Disneyland Hotel "resort" view?

    Resort view from DLH is usually a room in the Sierra Tower (what is that new name? Wonder? ) facing Downtown Disney. To my knowledge, there is no 'resort veiw' available at the DLH that does not include a view of Downtown Disney also. IMHO this is by far the best of the 'resort views' offered because it includes virtually unobstructed Fireworks Viewing.

    Theme park view from GCH is no better than you see from Paradise...In fact, I believe the higher floored rooms' view at Paradise Pier pone any of those from GCH.
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