Hey all! haven't been on here in ages. anyhoo...i am going to disneyland and need help choosing where to stay. here r the things to consider

-i want luxury and will pay since this is a special treat...but i'm not rich so if there is a better deal i'll take it!

-i want to be VERY close to the park entrance or monorail if offsite people can use it...can't remember

-disney theming is a plus but i don't know how much u get it on off site hotels (i am still considering on site)

-i want nice quality...no hotel 6...this is a special treat

-a nice pool is a plus

-restaurants i don't care about or work out room (its only one night!)

-nice atmosphere will probably head there mid day

-a view of the park or fireworks is major plus

-we r with no kids. it is 2 adults and a kid at heart (me!)...if a kid likes it i will hee hee except maybe for a coloring area or toy room :/

don't know how much of this i can get but reach for the stars right?