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    Anyone Been to the Park Vue?

    My family and I are headed to DL in the middle of June and we all couldn't be happier!! I was just talking to my youngest daughter yesterday and was reminiscing of the times when I was younger!! lol! I am actually now really excited in all this talk of it, so funny how that works out. I know some might say I'm a little weird, but when we go anywhere we usually bring childrens sleeping bags, just because you never really know how clean the hotels are going to be. We are going to be staying at the Park Vue, and I've been told that they are a really nice and cleanly hotel, but don't they all say that! One of the main reason's I bring my own sheets is because I had a trip to Vegas a few years back where we had bed bugs and our room was guaranteed. The hotel did a great job of compensating us, it's just that once the damage is done it kind of put's a wrench in the trip no matter what. Has anyone out there stayed there before? I am just trying to get an insiders opinion on the matter. Thankyou very much for the help!

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    Re: Anyone Been to the Park Vue?

    We've stayed at the Park Vue 3 times so far and will be staying there again end of June. It's a great hotel. The rooms are clean (never had a problem), the breakfast is nice, the staff are friendly and quick. All in all, a really good hotel and about as close as you can possibly get to the parks.

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