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    Confirmed for the Magic Tower at DLH, will I love it or hate it?

    I know this is the last tower to be renovated, and was the original and first tower of the hotel. Are the rooms THAT BAD or will it be fine?

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    Re: Confirmed for the Magic Tower at DLH, will I love it or hate it?

    They won't be bad...just a little dated. You should still expect a very clean room with everything in good working order.

    You're still in the magic, so relax and have a great time!

    Waiting for Godot

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    Re: Confirmed for the Magic Tower at DLH, will I love it or hate it?

    The rooms are just fine. I've been in that tower twice of the three times I've stayed there (the other being the Bonita/Wonder which is loosing its best feature as we speak).

    You're also misinformed. The Marina/Magic tower was the second tower built in 1970 (technically third as the Sierra/Dream tower is actually two towers built interconnected, the north being the original tower).

    I'm sure you could ask to be put in the renovated Dream tower. I know I managed to get a free switch to a bigger room in the Wonder tower from the Magic the last time I stayed, but I'm sure you'll enjoy the Magic's rooms. Look at it as a chance to experience something that's going away soon.

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