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    Changing Registration multiple times

    Has anyone changed their registration with Disney Travel more than once? Here is my story:
    Originally we booked the Disneyland Hotel Vacation package for our Sept. trip. Sadly, we had a death in the family (my grandpa) 2 weeks ago and had to use some of our vacation money to travel so I called Disney Travel last week and changed our registration for the Jolly Roger, which as of last week was what we could afford and still have a nice vacation. I have been reading very mix reviews on the Jolly Roger and the bad ones usually mention how dirty it is and bugs and donít venture out after dark, which with two small children doesnít sit right with me. Well we are getting some money, which we werenít counting on and now I can book another hotel, which I was thinking on the Hyatt Regency, which is $200 more than the Jolly Roger.
    Would you book the Hyatt Regency or stay at the Jolly Roger? I have never stayed at either place.

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    Re: Changing Registration multiple times

    Last year I had to change reservations twice....each time they hit me for $100, change of reservation fee....fwiw

    However, although I have never stayed at either, from what I've read over the years and people I've communicated with the Jolly Roger is not as bad as many people say.......but the Hyatt is still a lot better
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    Re: Changing Registration multiple times

    I booked our holiday vacation through AAA and changed my reservation multiple times..first disneyland hotel disneyland hotel paradise pier standard...and then to paradise pier 1 bedroom suite which we are staying at but I never encountered any problems other than apologizing over and over because I felt bad for being so undecided...they never charged me any fees although it does say in the paperwork that they would.

    I also booked a room only reservation through Walt Disney travel company for september and changed that reservation multiple times no charge there either...I think it depends on how close you are to date of arrival not sure...
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    Re: Changing Registration multiple times

    I am sorry for your families situation, though I am glad you are able to make your vacation work. It has been my experience that time together is a great way for a family to work through sorrow and change.

    If you are within your 30 day window, WTC might charge for any changes, but from my experience, anytime I have upgraded my travel package, they haven't charged me -- when we went 2 years ago, they changed it two weeks prior with no problems (we upgraded hotels and added a character meal), and I recently upgraded our trip for next month from off-property to on.

    That said, I know there is a $50 fee they have mentioned, but if you explain your extenuating circumstances, maybe they can work around it. It has been my experience that most companies are willing to work with a customer to get more money, though.
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