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    Hyatt pricing for Anaheim

    Just an insight for anyone booking directly thru the Hyatt website.

    I was booking a room for our upcoming Disneyland trip (I needed a larger room and couldn't use Priceline to get what we needed) and would occasionally check the website for specials. I noticed that the pricing/special offers for our week were changing so I started checking numerous times a day and found that the prices could change several times during a day. I ended up rebooking our room 3 times to get the additional savings. I ended up saving $200 for the week of our stay and upgrading to a larger suite.

    The prices have since gone back up and my current rate (cancellable within 24 hours of arrival) is the same as the advance purchase rate.

    Just thought this might be helpful.

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    Re: Hyatt pricing for Anaheim

    Hotel rates like airfares can and do change on a regular basis. Crazy the differences people pay for the same exact room. I like all the price line guests, 90% of the time the rate they paid is higher or the same as our website.. So many people just assume 3rd party sites will be cheaper.

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