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    Where to stay/what to do with dogs while visiting Disneyland?

    I would like regulars recommendation of what hotel they stayed at while visiting with a dog.
    Also, what did you do with the pet while you were in the park? Disney kennels did not work for us because the two cages big enough for our dog, were already occupied, and we did not want to go in and out every few hours to wait in line at the kennels to walk the dog. So I guess someone could stay in a hotel room with the pets, or dayboard them at an animal hospital.

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    Re: Where to stay/what to do with dogs while visiting Disneyland?

    Well, if you get there early enough, you get first choice. We had traveled with our German Shep/Golden Mix a few times and always got to the kennels first, so it was our choice. Plus, it didn't seem like a huge wait to spend time with the dog. I suppose you could do a search for kennels near the park that will tend to your dog. Although, if you don't want to see your dog at all, why not leave him/her at a kennel near home?

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