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    Hotels away from Disneyland (5-10 miles)

    We are planning a California trip in April. We are planning on spending a few days at Disneyland, but will be doing other things as well. We are thinking we may get more bang for our buck if we don't stay in the DL area. So we are looking for a hotel 10 or so miles from the parks.

    We need a room for 6 or 7. Will have a car so driving to park is not an issue. (It's cheaper for to drive and pay parking than pay for the ART shuttle)

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    Re: Hotels away from Disneyland (5-10 miles)

    The resort area has such a large collection of hotels it has a full range of offerings and prices. The competition of the scores of hotels drives prices down, once you leave the walking distance hotels you will find them to be cheaper than 10 miles away.
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