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    Cool Vancouver -> Anaheim -> Vancouver drive hotels

    Hi Pacific Northwest friends!

    I'm interested in hearing some route/hotel suggestions from those whom have driven from Vancouver (Or Bellingham/Seattle) to Anaheim and back.

    We have done the drive once before, in 2010. I recall that some of our stops were in Medford, Turlock, Red Bluff and Monterrey. We took I-5 down, and Coast back up. We based our route on hotel value, not necessarily location. If there's a hotel that's nicer, yet cheaper, outside of a city, it's preferred.

    Any ideas for a relatively comfy & quick 2 (or 3) nights down, and back up?


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    Re: Vancouver -> Anaheim -> Vancouver drive hotels

    It has been a long time since I drove the route to Disneyland. Still consider the Best Western in Rouge River, Oregon. It is comfortable, clean, and in a nice area.

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    Re: Vancouver -> Anaheim -> Vancouver drive hotels

    Always stop at a rest area, truck stop or state visitor center to look for the coupon books. We get a lot of great hotels at better prices, with coupons. Or, check out,, or before you go, to see what might be available. If you're a member of Wyndham Rewards, Choice Hotels club, or similar though, you usually won't get your points towards a free night if you use a coupon.

    1967, 1973, 1977 - DLR (RV parks)
    1980-1984 - DLR (multiple single days or at now-defunct motels)
    1994 - DLR (off-site hotel)
    2007 - DLR (single day)
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    2012 - WDW (PopC)
    2013 - DLR (Candy Cane Inn)

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    Re: Vancouver -> Anaheim -> Vancouver drive hotels

    The drive can be done in two days, but they are wicked long days, and I guarantee your back will be sore, and your patience will be tested... I'd recommend not making a 'driving marathon' out of it, and divide the driving over three days. It's much more enjoyable, and more safe (especially with kids):

    Day 1: Drive from Vancouver to Roseburg, Oregon. It's a 9 hour driving day, with a stop for lunch and a few pee breaks. Stay at the Best Western Garden Villa Inn. It's right beside the I5. Clean, and affordable. If you stay in Roseburg, make sure you have dinner at Casey's Restaurant! It's a 'mom and pop' diner, that serves AMAZING home cooked food. There is also a Safeway near the Best Western, with a Starbucks inside (which is important first thing in the morning). Roseburg is about two hours this side of the California border.

    Day 2: Leave Starbucks (I mean Roseburg), and drive to Santa Nella, California. Another 9 hour driving day. Stay at Andersen's Best Western. Another clean affordable place, with a fantastic pool! Plus, there is a Pea Soup Andersen's restaurant, right beside, with the most amazing food! Both of the Best Westerns have a complimentary buffet breakfast in the morning, and it's pretty good. If you need a Starbucks this morning, there is one on the other side of the I5. Leave the hotel, cross over the I5, and drive a few blocks, you'll see it on the left.

    Day 3: Kids will be climbing the walls with excitement (so will you). Leave Santa Nella and drive to Anaheim. It's about a 5 hour driving day. We typically roll into Anaheim around 1:00 in the afternoon. Have some lunch in Anaheim. Everyone will be excited, and want to get to the park right away, but you can't check into your hotel until 3:00 anyways, so you might as well get the 'house keeping' out of the way. Spend an hour at Target or Wal-Mart and get groceries for the week. By this time, the hotel will be ready for you, check-in, and you're good to go!

    COMING HOME (since this is the 'downer' part of the trip, I'll be less detailed):

    Drive from Anaheim to Red Bluff, California. 9 hours. Stay at the Hampton Inn. It's clean, affordable, and has free buffet breakfast. There's a Starbucks about half a block away.

    Drive from Red Bluff to Portland, Oregon. 9 hours. We've stayed at a few different places in Portland, and last summer we discovered Washington Square Shopping Mall (my wife likes shopping), so we are going to stay somewhere close to that mall. Even if you don't like shopping, I'd recommend going to this mall, because it has a Cheesecake Factory restaurant in it! mmmm....

    Good luck with the trip. When are you going?

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