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    “14 New Hotels for Disneyland Area” Update

    Hey there everyone!

    Just wanted to follow up on a post from August of 2013 about 14 new hotels around “Disneyland.”

    First, the Springhill Suites Anaheim Maingate on Ball Rd is now open.

    Good-bye Jolly Roger Restaurant, Hello Springhill Suites

    Well, I guess it is my turn to mourn the loss of an “Anaheim Original,” the Jolly Roger Restaurant. Though I have never stayed at the Jolly Roger Inn, we had dinner at the Restaurant several times on our way home from Disneyland.
    I know the JRR was torn down around 2011, but I have only recently found out the final outcome, the opening of Anaheim’s second newest hotel.
    The “Springhill Suites at Anaheim Resort/Convention Center” (really, that is the actual name on Marriott’s website) will open on the JRR land in the Fall of 2014. Notice how, unlike most other hotel changes, the address in now 1801 S. Harbor Bl. The JRR addy was 640 W. Katella.
    Side note, you may have noticed the “at Anaheim Resort” verbage on many hotel names. Anaheim has created some sort of Economic Zone around Disneyland and is rebranding the area as the “Anaheim Resort.”

    Unfortunately, this is the second to last nail in coffin of the “Jolly Roger Inn and Restaurant” 50 year run.

    Good-Bye Jolly Roger Inn, Hello Marriott Residence Inn

    My research into my “JRR” post led me to a shocking discovery. By the end of June 2014, the Jolly Roger Inn will be demolished! My source was an employee of the Portofino Inn, which is affiliated with the JRI. I know the JRI was refurbished about 2 years ago, but she confirmed it is going away.
    According to various Anaheim Planning Commission reports, the JRI will become a “Marriott Residence Inn” due to open sometime in 2015.

    RIP “Jolly Roger Inn and Restaurant.” It was a good 50 year run.

    C’est La Vie, again.


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    Re: “14 New Hotels for Disneyland Area” Update

    Not sorry to see Jolly Roger Inn go. It had been steadily going downhill for years. The last time I stayed there it was filthy, sheets were stained (and dirty), bathroom had LOTS of mold in it, hot water didn't work and towels were unwashed. There were roaches and the room stank of urine. When we complained to the manager and asked for another room, they refused and said "It's not our problem. If you don't like it, then go somewhere else. But know that you aren't getting a refund." As it was a holiday weekend we were stuck. Talked to others that ran into the same sort of thing. So, it is time to say goodbye and looking forward to something new (and better run) going in
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