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    Candlewood Suites Garden Grove Review

    This past weekend we had won through Priceline the Candlewood Suites for $39 a night. It was a good value and the hotel was clean throughout. The bedding was new and high quality, the rooms were fairly large for studio suite, free parking and free internet access. It is a bit further than we are used to about 10 minute drive to the park.

    Looking at the entrance door with the mini-kitchen.

    Leather office chair, desk and spare chair. Each room has a VCR/DVD combo and you can borrow movies from the front desk to watch although they had a lot of cable channels including HBO.



    Comfy lazygirl

    Laundry facility/exercise room and an honor system mini-grocery store.

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    Re: Candlewood Suites Garden Grove Review

    Thanks for the awesome review ;-)

    Bobby. RIP '95-2008

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    Re: Candlewood Suites Garden Grove Review

    thanks for that! doesn't look too bad!

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    Re: Candlewood Suites Garden Grove Review

    I stayed here for my trip 6/11-6/18 and it was very nice. The bed was comfortable, it was quiet, and there was a shared shuttle. I took the ART shuttle twice. The first time it was pretty full, so we went straight to the park from the hotel. The second time, the driver made like 2 or 3 more stops and then went to the park. So it's near the end of the 'route', making it not too bad a ride. There's also a bus route. Taking 56 and 43 gets you there as well Within a few minutes I was able to get the internet working.

    Downside: No maid service. Not a big deal (for me at least). No food places within walking distance except for the gas station next door, and the starbucks right behind that.

    Overall I'd stay there again. For the $40/night i got it for, it was great!

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    Re: Candlewood Suites Garden Grove Review

    We were here the 19th thru the 24th!

    And it was great!

    We were going other places in LA besides Disney, so the locale was good!

    I had gotten it for $40 a night on Priceline.

    Good: Free laundry! Full kitchen. Free movie rentals. Free internet. Little store with reasonable priced items.

    Bad: No pool. When you book on Priceline, you only get the mini-suite. One bed. No couch. They didn't have a full suite until Monday. And they wanted to charge me an additional $30 a night for an upgrade.

    Still not a bad deal, but we took our two twin blow up mattresses and the kids were good on those. Worked out great!!!

    No eating places close by,but we were gone most of the time anyway.

    All in all, I would stay there again. For that price. We wished we had the pool. But again, we were gone alot. I didn't use ART. We drove to the park. VERY easy drive. Straight up Harbor. Took like 5 minutes with traffic.

    And we loved having the kitchen. We we to Albertson's (on Harbor) and bought breakfast items, snacks, cokes, etc. So it was nice to have that when we got back after a long day!

    Also the free laundry!! I did laundry midway thru our week and it was nice to not have dirty clothes everywhere!
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