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    Americas Best Inns - Anaheim?

    Has anyone stayed here? I did a search for a mid-May trip and it's popping up at $55/night. There are only 2 reviews on TripAdvisor, and I value your guys' opinions much more anyway.

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    Re: Americas Best Inns - Anaheim?

    Are you referring to (Americas Best Value Inn) I have just booked there for $55 as well (September 08). I'd like to hear feedback as well! We are not planning to spend a ton of time at the hotel, so luxury is not a requirement.
    Have a great trip!
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    Re: Americas Best Inns - Anaheim?

    America's Best Inn has an address of 414 W Ball Rd and the lowest rate was $79 and the Anaheim Inn Astoria is at 426 W Ball rd so they're different locales. For the same rate you could stay at Anaheim Plaza Hotel and they are a 15 minute walk to the gate. I always stay there.
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    Re: Americas Best Inns - Anaheim?

    I second the Anaheim Plaza Hotel (Tho it really is a motel). I always got a great price .. and is in reasonable walking distance.

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