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    Re: Rain Forrest Cafe Thread

    We went last night for my sons birthday and gosh is was so crappy. They got the order mixed up. The Cobb salad for my daughter didn't have and meat, bread was hard as a brick. I just got a cheeseburger and I will say it's was the worst cheeseburger I have ever eaten. My wife's meal was cold and my sons wasn't good at all. I doubt we will ever go back again. The manager came by and apologized and told us desert was on her. We didn't even want to try it so we turned down the free desert and stopped at Baskin Robbins on the way home.
    Just really disappointing and the line was so long when we left.

    Back in Lakeside

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    Re: Rain Forrest Cafe Thread

    I've been to the one in Disneyland twice. I have to agree that it's extremely overrated. The food is what you would get at TGI Fridays or Applebees. The decor might play in Des Moines, Iowa, but when you've got Disneyland right next door the lackluster effects at the Rainforest Cafe just make it look like a trip to Chucky Cheese. If you're looking for a good place for lunch with your prepubescent kids, it's just fine. Otherwise, avoid it as much as possible.

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    Re: Rain Forrest Cafe Thread

    I agree. The last time I was there I found a piece of plastic in my food. The food is bland, the drinks are expensive (as is the food now). This is new to me though. The first few times I visited back in 03-04 I really liked the food. Good taste, hot and had flavor. The prices weren't so bad then either. It's not limited to Anaheim by any means. I had such horrible service at the San Francisco location I called to complain. My wife and I were actually asked if we could pick up our plates while the waiter (not ours, but another tables') moved our table over so he could walk between his table and ours. Not only that but the entire order was incorrect and the food was cold.

    We don't even go to the Rainforest Cafe and I trashed my "Safari Club" card. I like the ESPN zone or the Jazz Kitchen.

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    Re: Rain Forrest Cafe Thread

    We used to be big fans of RFC when DTD first opened. Mainly for the atmosphere, and the food was always good. Nothing spectacular, but just fine for themepark type mass service.

    We have the VIP club as well and it more than paid for itself. Just in the first 2 appetizer coupons that came with the card.

    But I agree that maybe the novelty may have started to wear off as well as the food quality has started to slide a bit as the years have passed. Maybe it's just because it does seem that they have raised prices quite a bit and they restricted the discounts for the VIP club to less than when we signed up.

    We did have a great time for a 4 year old b-day with some friends and the best was that it was in the spring at the peak dinner time and our party of 8 got seated immediately with the VIP card! Everyone else had a 2 hour wait!

    But it is possible for a smaller group like my wife and I and 3 kids ages 4 and under to eat rather inexpensively with a free appetizer using the VIP card and a pizza. So we get away with feeding a family of 5 at DL for about $20-30 including tax, tip and drinks! Oh yea...the no wait thing is pretty cool too!

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