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    Ristorante Da Vinci

    For the gourmet palate, or any connoisseur of food and wine, Ristorante Da Vinci in Long Beach, CA, is one of the finest in dining experiences. It is built adjacent to the Long Beach Airport and gives any aviation enthusiast a birds-eye view of incoming private flights.

    The Chef is to be adored for the perfectly made Fried Calamari, served as either an Antipasti or atop the delicious Cesare Salad. I highly recommend indulging yourself to this very exquisite restaurant.

    Ristorante daVinci | The Best Italian Dining in Long Beach

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    Re: Ristorante Da Vinci

    I just wanted to add that there is a lot of 'hob-nobbing' (of very important and influential people) that goes on at this restaurant.

    Just sayin'....

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