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    re: Belisle's Restaurant - Harbor and Chapman

    I miss that place sooooo much. My high school friends and I were planning on going on their last night, but we called ahead and they were PACKED so we drove past it to say our goodbyes. They did mention on the phone that they were looking for another location to open, but it doesn't look like that happened.

    Curse the City of Garden Grove for not renewing the lease.
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    re: Belisle's Restaurant - Harbor and Chapman

    Quote Originally Posted by Dopey's Girl View Post
    I'm a Brookhurst and LaPalma girl. What the heck are we doing in the desert?
    Awww! I don't know! Save me/us?

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    re: Belisle's Restaurant - Harbor and Chapman

    Maybe someone can change the title of the thread, since as has been pointed out, Belisle's was located at Harbor and Chapman, not Katella.

    I think that Werner Weiss has some pictures on the Yesterland site, since he has included favorite stops near the park that are no longer there.

    Of course I ate there many times, primarily during my D-land days in the 70's. I'd go in on the premise that I'd eat maybe half the portion, and save the rest.

    Temptation usually got the better of me.

    Along with the old HoJo's restaurant, it was a favorite after-work hangout for us DL CM's of the day.

    Great story about the visiting teams, CandyMaker. I'd never heard that one before!

    How well I remember the kid in the chef's costume, walking in front of the place along Harbor, ringing his bell...and all the specials in colorful chalk or whatever it was on the windows for everyone to see.

    I'd take that over one of the chain establishments that have taken over the whole area, in a heartbeat.

    -- Barry
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