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Thread: Fish Tacos

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    Cool Fish Tacos

    When we were out for Disneyland's 50th birthday I had a most wonderful lunch of fish tacos from a small shack just at the begining of downtown disney.
    Is it still there? My sister and I are doing a road trip this september and will be visiting disneyland on my birthday. I'd love another fish taco for my birthday lunch.

    Also my guide to LA is gone, (in fact he is the reason we are going. My LA raised hubby's wish was to have his ashes sprinkled in the ocean near a boyhood home), he and my late father-in-law used to take me to this little roadside shack that served the best little fried tacos. What made them the best was the fresh guacamole to dip it in.

    For the life of me I can not remember it's name. Any guesses?

    Grandma Beth

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    Re: Fish Tacos

    It should still be there. Can't remember the name either. Its an all time favorite on that area.

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    Re: Fish Tacos

    You mean Disneyland Downtown Disney? Small shack? Fish Tacos?

    This is news to me!

    They only have Tortilla Jo's right now and it's not at the entrance of Downtown Disney nor is it a small shack. That's the only mexican I can think of in Downtown Disney.

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