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    Birthday Dining?

    Hi everyone. I'm taking my cousin on her 16th birthday to DLR, just wondering if you guys have any suggestions on a good restaurant to take her for dinner either at DLR or somewhere near DLR such as Garden Walk or something. Anything around $25 for an adult is fine by me, so long as its a nice place and serve good food. Anything else is a plus really. She's big on seafood and all I have so far is Bubba Gumps at the Garden Walk but the reviews are less then steller. I'm sure most restaraunts on the resort or at the park will cost a bit more and it's fine, any suggestions are appreciated.

    Thanks again.

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    Re: Birthday Dining?

    hmmm. 25 bucks eh? Bubba Gumps is fine, great feeling of being in the south, but I don't think of it for a special occasion,
    I don't know if Hook's Point at the DL hotel is open again but they have good seafood. We usually take the kids there for new years eve and they seem to enjoy the special night out, but it may be beyond your price point if your trying to stay within $25pp. check it out at the DL website.
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    Re: Birthday Dining?

    McCormick & Schmidts (sp?) Grille right next door to Bubba Gumps, great for seafood!
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    Re: Birthday Dining?

    Though a bit above your price range, I'd check out the Blue Bayou. I have only been there for dessert, so I can't speak for the seafood, but the dessert was delicious! The atmosphere is wonderful too.
    I'd also suggest going for lunch rather than dinner to save money.
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    Re: Birthday Dining?

    Cheesecake Factory!!
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    Re: Birthday Dining?

    DIP here, with another suggestion about a 20 minute drive away from the resort.

    This is pricey, but in Costa Mesa, near the Orange County Performing Arts Center is Scott's Seafood. This might be a little too fancy for a 16 year old.

    My personal favorite is the Crab Cooker, which is located on the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach. This place is less expensive than Scott's, and has been around since the 40s or 50s. Plus the food is very good.

    Another place I like to go is the Bluewater Grill located near Lido Island in Newport Beach. They also have a location in Tustin although I'm not sure exactly where.

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    Re: Birthday Dining?

    I second the motion for Cheesecake Factory. Excellent menu, awesome food, great atmosphere and service and unmatched desserts. It is also close by at the Anaheim GardenWalk and it is in your price range.

    If you are looking for something special at the resort and Blue Bayou is a bit pricey for you then you can have some good dining at Cafe Orleans, Plaza Inn or Carnation Cafe.
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