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    Re: Question about Club 33 entry..

    Quote Originally Posted by monotonehell View Post
    In late breaking news: Micechat forums brought down under the weight of PMs to Doofenshmirtz! Film at eleven.

    BEHOLD!! The Private-Message-inator!!

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    Re: Question about Club 33 entry..

    I've had the happy privledge of eating at Club 33 twice thanks to some amazing friends.

    Once in 2006...

    ...and again in 2007! (Note my nifty Club 33 polo proudly displayed for the return trip!)

    Inside, here's the best use of a bridge between two buildings EVER!
    (This is what you walk under if you're walking down Royal St. towards the Court of Angels.)

    Here's the buffet, now eat something!

    Table with a view...

    Geek moment! While at Club 33, I purchased a limited edition lithograph of Walt having coffee at a table just to the left of that one, with those very curtains! It's now framed and adorns the wall above my computer.

    And, of course, the place has character...

    My thoughts on Club 33 are, it's a wonderful place to eat once...maybe twice if you're lucky. Beyond that, it's luxury for luxury's sake, and that's never really been for me. Maybe it is for some, but I can think of better ways the thousands in dues could be spent. The food is great, but I can also get great food from local establishments that don't charge me $10,000+ to get in the door. So, it's great for a Disney geek-out, and to live that special Disneyland "exclusive" fantasy, but after that it does lose some of its appeal.

    That said, it's a really great place to visit & I highly encourage anyone to take full advantage of whatever chance of getting in that they may have!

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    Re: Question about Club 33 entry..

    Oh snap...

    ...I didn't know Pluto was a member! Maybe I'll see if he can hook me up.
    Disney FAQ#275: What is DCA?
    DCA stands for Disney Construction Area. All the Cast Members are themed with hard hats and steel toed boots.

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    Re: Question about Club 33 entry..

    It was always my Disney dream to gain entry to Club 33, when I was a kid in the late 60's and would be standing in line for my family to be able to eat at the Blue Bayou (back then there were no reservations you could make, just standing in a very long line for a very long time) people would cut through to push the speak easy button for the door to magically open, and I saw the 33 address, I knew I would one day be the person getting to get in. I waited and listened, and voiced out loud my desire to go to Club 33, and luckily one day in the early 1990's while at a Golf Tournament dinner, sure enough at my table was a Carpet Rep whose company had a memebership. He was kind enough to get me reservations for dinner for 10, which did include the Disney entrance, to the Club. I will never forget that visit, but will say that the meal cost seemed to equal a single days entrance to the park, including the childrens menu prices equal a childs entrance price. There is a corelation there.
    Within a year of my visit I ran into a senior Bank of America employee who said they could have gotten me in too.
    Moral of the story, speak your wish outload to the Universe enough times, and it comes true...too bad I did not use up my one Universal wish to win the Lotto!

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    Re: Question about Club 33 entry..

    Glad your wish to Universe came true! 33 is my favorite place to be in Disneyland. Hope you get to go again soon! Our trip to DL would not complete without a meal there. They are like family to us.
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