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Thread: Cupcakes?

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    Hey guys, does anyone know anything about a cupcake place
    that's supposedly opening or already open at Downtown Disney??
    I don't know if I'm going crazy or not but I could have sworn that
    I read somewhere that they were opening one up? Thanks guys!

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    Re: Cupcakes?

    Sorry, I didn't see one last time we were there. There already is a bakery at the end near the ticket booths. Is that perhaps what you saw?

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    Re: Cupcakes?

    The Cupcake Store opened this week in DTD according to a Tweet from DisneylandNews on December 7th.

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    Re: Cupcakes?

    The Cupcake Store now open in the Downtown Disney District. Flavors include Red Velvet, Coconut Vanilla & Vanilla Bean.
    Disneyland News (DisneylandNews) on Twitter
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