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    Question Mrs. Knott's menu?

    OK, maybe, to some, this is sacrelige, but does anyone have the menu to Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant? I've been on a bit of a restictive diet....and I like to read menus.....(yeah, I know how it sounds)

    but I haven't been able to find a good menu listing online...can anyone help? I'm not really a fan of the park...but the restaurant is so good....and anyone ever seen Hans Conreid's signature in one of the guestbooks they have up?
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    Re: Mrs. Knott's menu?

    They don't seem to make their menu readily available but I did find this:
    In addition to their famous chicken dinners they also have:
    Other entrees at Mrs Knotts Chicken Dinner Restaurant include---* Pot Roast
    * Chicken Fried Steak
    * Roast Turkey and Dressing
    * Pork Ribs
    * Chicken Pot Pie
    * Sandwiches and Salads
    * Hamburgers

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    Re: Mrs. Knott's menu?

    mmm...i could go for some knott's chicken right now!

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    Re: Mrs. Knott's menu?

    We love eating there!

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    Re: Mrs. Knott's menu?

    I don't think much of Knotts as a park, but the restaurant is pretty darn good!

    It's a fairly short drive from DL too.


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