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    Question Goucho's Village

    I was watching the travel channel today and saw a show about buffet restaurants. i was really interested in Goucho's Village (i think that's the name), it's a brazillian restaurant in Glendale. we are going to be visiting DLR in Oct. 2011, and we love to add something new each time we visit... is it worth the drive? the show was from a few years back, so not sure it was an accurate depiction of it now.. any feedback would be greatly appreciated..

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    Re: Goucho's Village

    I liked it. Note "liked", not "loved". A big draw is the live entertainment and dancing, which doesn't do all that much for me. Some of the meat was really, really good, and other selections were so so. The buffet was good, but I expected a bit more.

    To be honest, I sort of prefer Samba at Universal's Citywalk better. And they still have the entertainment, too.

    If you have never been to a Brazilian Steakhouse before, though, I would recommend it.

    On a side note, I also enjoy Fire and Ice mongolian grill at Gardenwalk, which is much closer to Disney.
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    Re: Goucho's Village

    I like it, buts it a little expensive for thelimited choices you get. The dancers are the draw, my father loved it when we ook him for his bday.
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    Re: Goucho's Village

    Be aware that the staff can be amazingly rude. I'm... well, fluffy, but not huge, just well-rounded, not too big to fit on rides, for instance. My hubby's bigger and in a wheelchair because of painful back problems, but he's not a furniture crusher, even on dainty wicker chairs. So we tried to go to Gaucho's once, but the guy seating us insisted that he stay in his wheelchair and that I sit across two seats so we don't break their chairs with our tremendous weight. WTF? These are big, heavy, upholstered high-back chairs that could probably support a car. He's never had anyone do that to *HIM* before, but they were there telling me that *I* was too big for their precious furniture as well. Jeez!

    And the similar Picanha Brazillian BBQ in Downtown Burbank on Palm St is really, really good. I'd go there instead if you don't like random humiliation.

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