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Thread: Big Thunder BBQ

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    Big Thunder BBQ

    I tried it on my last day and loved how tender and enjoyable the ribs and chicken wings were. I sure wish I could go back again to try some more.

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    Re: Big Thunder BBQ

    It is my favorite to I ate there last night

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    Re: Big Thunder BBQ

    We ate dinner at the BBQ the first night of our trip last month. It was our first time.
    DH and I both liked it a lot. The food and atmosphere are great. Its a bit pricey, but considering
    its "all you can eat", just go hungry and take your time, soaking in the great area.

    They bring ribs, chicken, and some kind of barbequed sausage, and all tasted pretty good.
    The cole claw was too watery but tasted good. Beans and cornbread were good, and the little
    corn on the cob "pinwheels" rounded out the meal.

    We didn't have dessert. We were too full.

    The servers were very attentive and made our visit even better.
    Jessie and Woody didn't show up, but there are performers to entertain while you're eating.
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    Re: Big Thunder BBQ

    I went for the first time on Friday for lunch. $21.99 isn't bad for Disneyland fare.

    Unlimited Chicken & Ribs, Cole Slaw, Beans, Corn Bread. I like the chicken better than the ribs and it's great that I can request all dark meat if I want. I could do without the beans though or swap it with something else.

    I don't think dinner is worth it even if you have a few extra options, you're still eating more than you should!

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    Re: Big Thunder BBQ

    I always go for dinner instead of lunch because I really like their sausage. They alternate between a more lively show where kids are invited to participate and a guy that sings country songs. The singing cowboy guy is great, but the other show is a little over the top for my tastes.

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