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    Re: Tangaroa Terrace & Tader Sam's

    Can you bring a child to either of these places?

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    Re: Tangaroa Terrace & Tader Sam's

    ^Of course! Tangaroa Terrace is a standard restaurant. Trader Sam's is a watering hole, but wonderfully themed. Tables are all ages; only the bar is off limits to kids. I've seen plenty in there during the day.

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    Re: Tangaroa Terrace & Tader Sam's

    You can indeed bring children with you, but (I think) Trader Sam's turns into a bar after a certain time (9pm? Not positive, I'll have to check) and therefore turns to 21+. I'm going off of what friends with kids have told me as the Disneyland website doesn't make reference to this change on the page.
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    Angry Re: Tangaroa Terrace & Tader Sam's

    Quote Originally Posted by NeverNeverland View Post
    Tangora Terrace was ok - I suggest only going if you have time to spare.
    Trader Sams can be as bad, I was there while I'd say it was "moderate" busy (which would be light for the average bar), and spent about 10 minutes at the Bar trying to get a Bartender to acknowledge me... instead one was flirting with a blonde, and the others were yacking with each other towards the back of the bar, along with the table server.

    I couldn't even get a "We'll be right there... " seriously waved my arms and everything, Wife and I knew what we wanted. We were Hungry so we just went elsewhere dumbfounded at the poor service.

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