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Thread: The Pizza Press

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    The Pizza Press

    Great place..parking seems to be the only issue in the area ,but cheap price for the size pizza you get
    its like chipotle style where you pick Sauce,Cheese,Meats,Veggies and then after its cooked, they have finishing sauces such as Balsamic vinagrette and they serve it to you in either on a pizza board if you are eating in or in a box for to go

    Price is 8.00 for cheese only and 10.00 for toppings and already made specialties

    Example: mine was white sauce with bacon,katamala olives, sun dried tomatoes, bell pepper,pepperoni, mozzarella and chevre cheese, then finished with balsamic and basil

    pizza was fresh and the thin crust was perfect enough to handle all the toppings
    ( sorry if this seems short..this is my first food review for this section of the forum)

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    Re: The Pizza Press

    i tried it too was pretty god for the price.

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    Re: The Pizza Press

    Ate there twice this last week and the pizza's were very good and the staff was extremely friendly. Great place to hit on the way home from the parks for a midnight snack.

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    Re: The Pizza Press

    I tried it too and it was yummy. My children love that pizza very much. I like the pizza stuff and topping very much. Pizaa is good and comes at affordable price.

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