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    food not hot, Tortilla Joe's and Story tellers.... what's up?

    We ate at Tortilla Joe's, usually a great meal... the tamale was not only a bit of meat between two slabs of wheat paste, worse it was cold... the rice barely warm... they took the plate back to reheat, the taco was crisped to almost too much, the rest barely warmed.
    I didn't let them take my plate away again... what point? and we had waited long enough for the food.
    We had a discussion about it... "what do you want to do, do you want us to hear it again?"
    my mind got gridlocked in how unprofessional it was.... I lost all confidence in anything being improved by sending it to the kitchen again... while I sit and wait... some more....
    management assured me they would have heated it properly the second time ;-)

    New Year's day at Story Tellers, also usually great food...
    the "hot" sandwich was barely, the fries cold....
    this time I was savvy enough to want to keep my sandwich
    but they had me dish the cold fries onto a plate to take away....
    not very professional
    I'm working too hard when what I want is to sit and be served....

    has some policy changed?

    next time I think I'm just going to recommend a hot dog and a soda....
    we like the change of pace, to sit an a nice restaurant and have some rest and quiet... but...

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    Re: food not hot, Tortilla Joe's and Story tellers.... what's up?

    You went during very busy times, when they don't get rushes, they have demand all day and longer hours. That may have something to do with it.
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    Re: food not hot, Tortilla Joe's and Story tellers.... what's up?

    That's too bad, normally Jo's is top notch. It could be like swampymarsh said, related to the busy time

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    Re: food not hot, Tortilla Joe's and Story tellers.... what's up?

    We were at Disneyland last year, and ate at both Tortilla Joe's and the Storyteller's. Both times the food was good and hot. So, you might have just been unlucky during the time you visited both restaurants.

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    Re: food not hot, Tortilla Joe's and Story tellers.... what's up?

    I generally enjoy Tortilla Jo's. I've been there on weekend and was there last Monday to celebrate a friend's birthday. Food's been great every time.

    But I was there yesterday (another Monday) for lunch and ordered the Caesar salad with steak. I loved it the first time I had it!! The slices of steak layed over the salad were incredibly tasty and well seasoned. A months later I even tried House of Blues' version across the way and thought Jo's was way better. But this second time ordering it, presentation was different. Instead of slices, the meat was chopped up into very small pieces and overall the salad was generally less well-presented. Perhaps I had low expectations the first time and higher expectations this time, but I was disappointed. I may order one more time to see if it was chef's preference thing about the presentation.

    I didn't take a pic of my second order, but below is how I had it the first time. Now that I look at it again, there's tons more steak on it that there was yesterday.

    Tortilla Jo's, April 28, 2013 by Gone2Disneyland, on Flickr

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    Re: food not hot, Tortilla Joe's and Story tellers.... what's up?

    Tortilla Jo's is the only restaurant in the 12 year history of Downtown Disney to have been shut down by the health department. A few years ago they were closed for a couple days by health officials in order to clean up the kitchen and remedy several major health concerns inside the facility.

    No other Downtown Disney restaurant has been closed by force by county health officials. I'll just leave it at that.

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