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    Stone World Bistro and Garden - Escondido, CA

    Stone World Bistro and Gardens
    Stone Brewing Co.
    1999 Citracado Parkway, Escondido, CA 92029

    Monday - Saturday 11-4

    Friday & Saturday 4-10
    Sunday - Thursday 4-9

    Sunday - Thursday 9-11
    Friday & Saturday 10-1

    Sundays 11-3

    During the summer this year for our anniversary my family and I paid a visit to the Stone Brewery in Escondido, and discovered the World Bistro and Garden that is part of the brewery. Recently my daughter, her fiancť and I went back to give their dinner a try.

    The Bistro has only been open I believe since February of this year, so the landscaping and vegetation hasnít had a chance to mature, but the grounds are still beautiful, and in a few years will be even more fun to relax in.

    Entrance thorough the gift shop

    The outdoor dinning area has some wonderful places to hang out, and enjoy your food and drinks.

    There is a semi-circular bar area outside, with a small fire pit in the middle of a pond like area, with a waterfall that leads into a larger Koi pond.

    In the evenings a fire is lit in the pit.

    A stroll down the stair path, leads to the actual gardens, where there are more places to relax and enjoy the atmosphere and friends.

    Along the garden path there are a couple of other waterfalls and ponds to ponder by.

    Being attached to a microbrewery, they have a special attitude about their food. From their website:

    At the Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens, we endeavor to use as much in-season, locally and organically grown produce as possible. We do this not just because we believe in the very simple principles of freshness and sustainability, but also because fresh, local and organic tastes better.

    Not surprising to hear that we also use 100% naturally raised meats. And the same fresh / honest / artisanal / natural standard goes for all our food. Our sauces are all house-made unless specifically mentioned otherwise in the menu. Our kimchee and pickled items are also all house-made. Of course, it is crazy expensive, and our prices reflect some of that reality. However, we also feel it is the much, much better way to go. So thatís the way we roll.
    A PDF file of sample menus are available online:

    Our appetisers, deep fried Spud Buds and beer batter onion rings.

    Wood Grilled Buffalo Burger

    Mac Ďn Beer Cheese

    And a trout dish whose name escapes me and its not on the sample menu online.

    They also have an EXTENSIVE beer and wine list, with none of what they call that ďfuzzy yellow beer.Ē

    My personal thoughts:

    The food was more pricey than Iím personally use too, and while it was good and we went away satisfied, I didnít feel it was spectacular for the price. The Mac Ďn Cheese had a good flavor, with just a little kick of spice. The trout, while extremely tender but might of been a bit over cooked and bland, and the appetisers were over cooked, but still tasted very good, especially the Spud Buds. The garlic potatoes with my trout were very good, and my stir fried green beans were very tasty. But we went for my daughters birthday, and so for a special occasion it was a fun thing to do.

    The staff we encountered both times was wonderful! All of the staff are top notch, friendly and extremely knowledgeable about the different types of beers and wines that they have available. Everyone seemed like they really enjoyed working there!

    But overall this is a fun place to spend some relaxing time with friends or family, and once the garden has a chance to mature will be an even more beautiful place to visit. The atmosphere is very So Cal laid back. There is an indoor eating part that is decorated equally impressive, but I love the outdoor dining experience, so I didnít get any pictures inside. Its not a place I would eat at all the time, but you could just get some friends together and have some drinks and relax in the garden area.

    Atmosphere: 5 stars
    Staff: 5 stars
    Food: 3.5 stars (based only on what we had)
    Overall experience: 4 stars

    Tours of the brewery part are available. Info is on their website.

    If you go, be sure and use the map they have online. The brewery and bistro is in a brand new industrial area of Escondido, and as of this summer the street isenít yet listed on Google or Mapquest.

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    Re: Stone World Bistro and Garden - Escondido, CA

    This was completely off my radar. We know their brews, they were an early sponsor of our Oceanside MainStreet's "O"fest 4th of July celebration. I had no idea they had opened a restaurant . . . we'll have to give them a try.

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    Re: Stone World Bistro and Garden - Escondido, CA

    Pengy - Thanks for the outstanding review! You should be getting paid for this! Thanks for the great shots and description of the ambiance and food. I am completely tempted to go there now, and the next time I am down that way, I will keep them in mind.

    BTW - My review of Taco Bell will be forthcoming.

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