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    Re: Napa Rose price range?

    Just had dinner there last weekend and the Vinter's Table was $80... but I did the wine pairing so it might have been more. Apps are usually in the $15-20 range and then everything goes up from there to around $40 (give or take). I should have a picture of the menu somewhere but I can't find the picture... I'll try to post it later.

    If you have questions about the Chef's counter, I recommend calling them directly and voicing any questions you have. They won't think any less of you for asking and it's always nice to go in at least a little prepared. Deffinitly don't eat a lot that day -- light breakfast and super light lunch. You'll most likely get to sample some great dishes and though the portions are right, you don't want to go in full and not get to truly experience everything.

    Have a wonderful dinner!
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    Re: Napa Rose price range?

    Here is a sample of their does change seasonally.
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