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    Sales Tax on Park Tickets - Timing of Purchase

    Several questions that I think are all related to this one question: When should we buy our parkhopper tickets? We're going to be at DL in June 2009 after 3 years away.

    #1 I'm hoping someone in California will know the latest on the sales tax proposal on amusement park tickets. Last I read there was talk of taxing them effective March 1st. Did that ever pass the legislature there? If 9% or 10% is going to be added on March 1st I'll buy them right away.

    #2 Also, what time of year does Disneyland usually raise their prices? If it is generally spring to early summer then that's another argument for buying our tickets right away. Have they just recently increased prices?

    #3 How are the economy and crowds at Disneyland lately? I'm wondering if there's any chance of Disney extending the "Everyone at Child's Price" promotion past April 30th to something like June 30th.

    Thanks in advance for any insight!

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    Re: Sales Tax on Park Tickets - Timing of Purchase

    I work with tickets and I haven't heard anything yet, but I'll probably post about it when I do.
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    Re: Sales Tax on Park Tickets - Timing of Purchase

    The California Budget that was passed did not include any additional "services" to be added to the sales tax. The tax itself is going up 1%, but nothing new will be added, aka Admission tickets will remain tax free.
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