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    Hi all- We are planning a trip Tuesday - Sunday the week of Thanksgiving this year. I know that it is a holiday and that it will be busy. I have heard mixed reports about exactly how busy/bad it will be. Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks!

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    Re: Thanksgiving

    We have spent the last 7 Thanksgivings at the Resort. Wed thru Tues.

    It starts getting busy the w/e prior to T-Day and gets worse on Wed. Thursday is heavy and Friday/Saturday are insane! (probable gate closures)

    Sunday will start out heavy, but as the day goes on, it lightens up. By Sunday night, most rides are walk-on.

    Monday is moderate to light by the afternoon.

    Tuesday until the next w/e, you OWN the Park!

    Make a treat out of your trip and enjoy your T-Day meal at the Grand Ballroom of the DL Hotel for their T-Day Buffet. It's yummy!

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