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    Question Getting to DLR from Long Beach Airport?

    Yahoo! My daughters and I decided that the best way to celebrate thier birthdays was a trip to DLR; and it also helped that Alaska Airlines had some killer deals from PDX to LGB.

    We'll be traveling March 29 and returning April 1, staying at Carousel Inn (which I guess is sort of OK if you just have to sleep).

    We've always flown into SNA, and either just rented a car or just taken a hotel shuttle...

    But is it advisable to take Long Beach Taxi from LGB to DLR They quoted me $59 each way for the three of us, or is it better to just rent a car?

    I don't think we'll need a car while we're there, although they might want to go to "Medieval Times" one evening while we're there.

    How would you guys do this? Taxi? Car Rental? Shuttle of some kind?

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    Talking Re: Getting to DLR from Long Beach Airport?

    OK, now I can report back on how to do this, we just got back a couple days ago...

    What we did was just take a taxi - Long Beach taxi from LGB to DLR and Yellow Taxi back to the airport. Orange County Transit authority imposes a flat fee from LGB to anywhere within a block of DLR as $45.

    So for the three of us it was a total of $90 round trip plus tips, and it was and easy 35 minutes each way. Coming back on Weds afternoon the freeways were packed, so I just told the driver to stay on Ball Road, which goes straight to the front door of LGB anyway...and it was still just about 35 minutes.

    There is a taxi stand at LGB airport.

    NOTE: To get from DLR to LGB you need to call Yellow Cab the day before. We scheduled a cab to pick us up at the Carousel Inn at 2:15pm, and the cab was there at 2:11pm, so be ready.

    For the four days we were there a car rental would have been $250+ with taxes and fees, and the airport shuttles are the most expensive (and least convenient) at about $50 per person. I think the cheapest way would be the public bus system but that looked like it was going to take hours, and it didn't look like even an "A" ticket ride <Grin>.

    LGB is a great little gem, by the way. Its a no frills airport, and very quick to grab you bags and be on your way. The plane lands, you walk down the steps and your bags show up on the sidewalk right near the taxis. Easy.

    For use traveling from Portland we found $89 round trip tickets to LGB. SNA was well over $250 round trip. So the savings right there for three people was more than enough for dinner at the Blue Bayou!!

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