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    Knott's Berry Farm

    So I'm heading out to California in September and I'm considering a day trip to Knott's Berry Farm, but I've not stepped foot in the place since the classic days before Cedar Fair brought them out. Has the park been ruin by all the coasters that have been built up around?
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    Re: Knott's Berry Farm

    The answer is a matter of opinion. There certainly are many more coasters since Cedar Fair took over; the most recent ones are Silver Bullet, Sierra Sidewinder, and the Pony Express. There is still plenty of charm to be found at Knott's, but yes, there are many areas where coaster tracks loom over Indian tents and ghost town shacks.

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    Re: Knott's Berry Farm

    knott's is ok at least. I only go there during the halloween haunt.

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    Re: Knott's Berry Farm

    This is one place that I really want to see. When we were in Anahiem last year, we didn't have time. So next year when we go this is going to be one of my stops.

    I think you should go, just to see for yourself. You will never know till you go.

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    Re: Knott's Berry Farm

    What are the lines generally like out at Knott's?

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