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Thread: Grad night???

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    Grad night???

    So I just found out that they are hosting a grad night on the Thursday (/28)that I am planning on being there. So what does this mean to the daytime crowds of Disneyland? AND are the posted hours for the park accurate on the Disneyland website?

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    Re: Grad night???

    Yes, those hours look correct as posted. They closed DCA at 6:00 on grad nites because they have some pre grad nite party there for a couple hours. Then they close Disneyland at 9:00 for grad nite. Attendance at the park will probably be about 10% less I'm guessing in disneyland. Maybe 25% less in DCA since it closes at 6:00 that day.

    I'm going on a grad nite too and have asked similiar questions. No one has given me a reply on the attendance levels, but I'm just speculating

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