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    Grand california hotel

    I need some help. I am going to Disneyland April 21-24. I really want to stay at the Grand California Hotel but we have reservation at the Hilton Garden. I had an injury at work and lost my toes on my right foot. This makes it hard to walk for long periods of time. That is why the thought of staying at a close hotel really sounds great to me. My wife does not want to spend the extra money. I am trying find reasons to convince her that it would be great to stay there and worth the money. I am wondering advantages to staying there and if there would be possibly showings of World of Color for hotel guests. Can anyone tell me what preferred seating they have at Disney California Adventure. What would be the cheapest way to book the Hotel? Thanks for any help!

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    Re: Grand california hotel

    It really depends on you, your budget and what you want. I have stayed at the Grand a few times now and we love it. But it is expensive. We get the ap discount which helps, but I don't know that there are many other discounts out there for this hotel. You can get spectacular views of the park, but you have to pay extra for them. Since the WoC hasn't officially launched yet, I don't know that there are special viewings for guests, although some people have seen night tests from the hotels and posted elsewhere on the forum.

    We like the atmosphere and the service we have received, your mileage may vary (others on here will attest to their experiences not being as happy as ours). We enjoy the closeness to the park (and you can't get much closer than this), but also the craftsman touches and the homey experience. The advantages for each person varies, it really depends on your needs. Having said that, if you are booked at the Hilton, check to see if they have a shuttle (many do, but I can never remember which ones). The shuttle drop off is extremely convenient to the park entrance and might even be better than a walk from GC in certain respects (time of day-DCA and DL have different operating hours, and the GC entrance is into DCA only. You must go through DD to get to DL if DCA is closed). I would recommend GC to you if closeness is the only factor at stake, but not if it breaks your budget.

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    Re: Grand california hotel

    Yes, it is expensive if you call the resort and make your reservations by phone I have heard it is better than online and if you happen to be a AAA or CAA member they do offer a small discount..10-15%

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    Re: Grand california hotel

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