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    Walk-in Entrance?

    My fiancée and I will be honeymooning at Disneyland in October, staying at the Anaheim Marriott. If we can, I'd like to walk to and from the park, but I'm not clear on how to get there... Can anyone share? Thank you!!

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    Re: Walk-in Entrance?

    Are you staying at the Marriott on Harbor Blvd? Its a straight walk north to the entrance maybe 20 minute walk. Its a couple of long blocks - They have a shuttle I think.
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    Re: Walk-in Entrance?

    We used to stay at that Marriott quite a bit until we outgrew their rooms. Great rates!

    We usually walked from the Park back to the Marriott. No big deal. We had a stroller and even though (at the time) they had their own trolly car as a (free) shuttle, we would usually prefer to walk.

    Plus, when we would enjoy a nice dinner at Goofy's Kitchen, it was a nice way to "walk off" dinner!

    As mentioned, you could walk right up Harbor to the entrance or you can walk from the DLH/PPH and across Katella (by the convention center) back to the Marriott.

    They (unfortunately) switched over to the ART system (YUCK!!!) and they started charging guests to get shuttled to the Park.


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