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    Talking THANK YOU to Mickey's Spaceship Shuttle Company of Disneyland/LA!

    I LOST MY CAMERA IN LOS ANGELES. It was seriously my worst nightmare, I almost couldn't have fun at Disneyland (almost, I said, because Disneyland just wipes all your troubles away :P) because I couldn't find my camera. So by the end of Disneyland and after racking my brain as to what could have possibly happened to it, I realized that I took their shuttle from our LA hotel to our Anaheim hotel and I took pictures of scenery... the only possible thing left to check was if I left my camera on one of their buses!! So I called them today and they were like YES we have it right here, and they're going to ship it to me in the next 2 days. So I'm like about to cry of happiness because my camera was worth freakin 400 dollars, and I canNOT afford another 400$ camera. Seriously, I already lost a 300$ camera and a 200$ iPod, I cannot lose another camera. So I just wanted to tell them thank you, and to anyone who needs a shuttle to Disneyland from LAX or wherever, TAKE THEM because they're awesome like that... and they totally take care of you even if they don't have to :]

    And the dude who was driving our bus was so nice!! And if you don't want to talk, then you don't have to.. he wasn't one of those annoying people who talk to you even when you don't feel like talking. And the price is like half of all the other buses ^_^ Me and my friend only paid 16$ each. So thank you to Mickeys Spaceship Shuttle, I'm so taking your guys's shuttle every time I go to Disneylandddd <3 Which should be often, I think I'm going back in winter vacation and then next summer <3 Lovelovelove that place :]


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    Re: THANK YOU to Mickey's Spaceship Shuttle Company of Disneyland/LA!

    Glad to hear you got your camera back!
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    Re: THANK YOU to Mickey's Spaceship Shuttle Company of Disneyland/LA!

    good story man, Im glad that things worked out for you
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    This is excellent news! There are all sorts of good changes to the park that we were promised when Hell froze over.
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    Re: THANK YOU to Mickey's Spaceship Shuttle Company of Disneyland/LA!

    Bravo Sierra...


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    Re: THANK YOU to Mickey's Spaceship Shuttle Company of Disneyland/LA!

    How long was the shuttle ride?

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    Re: THANK YOU to Mickey's Spaceship Shuttle Company of Disneyland/LA!

    Good to know! We're thinking of using them from the airport to our hotel for our trip in October. Sounds like another good recommendation for them

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    Re: THANK YOU to Mickey's Spaceship Shuttle Company of Disneyland/LA!

    Nice to hear things worked out OK. I've come close to loosing a camera, but so far not yet. I hate loosing things on trips. I just got back from a trip and lost my new Disneyland cap I bought a few months ago, but at least I can buy another one fairly cheap.

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