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    Re: Phoenix to Disneyland: What is the best route?

    Quote Originally Posted by sediment View Post
    She must be out of pixie dust.

    I agree with Aladdin - flying can be a huge hassle and a large expense for a family. There are times that my husband and I fly when we find a good deal, but we drive when we bring the kids along. There is also the freedom of coming and going as you please when you drive.

    So, we ended up taking the 10/215/91/57 route and it went well. Total travel time was 6hrs.45 min. from Tucson to our hotel in Garden Grove.
    The trip back was closer to 8hrs. because we got a late start out of Anaheim (4:30) and had to deal with rush hour traffic on the 57 and the 60 (we took 57/60/10 back).

    Our trip was great. We saw the 9pm WOC on Saturday from the yellow section. We got to ride with the helmsman in the wheelhouse of the Mark Twain. The crowds at the parks were manageable. We had the pomme frittes and Monte Cristo sandwiches at Cafe Orleans that we always dream about. The weather was a little gloomy and cold in the mornings and evenings this week but we had wraps. I stopped by the meet on Sunday and got to meet Dustysage and Fishbulb for the first time, along with Coheteboy, Sunnygirl, Anderz, Mary Read and a few others. We rode Silly Symphony swings and loved the new style and music, we saw Murphy for the first time as well as Magical and the little water show in Pixie Hollow. It was a special trip and we were sad to see it end. At the end of every Disneyland trip we leave wishing we had at least one more day.

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    Re: Phoenix to Disneyland: What is the best route?

    Quote Originally Posted by Aladdin View Post
    Depends on what your timing is and what day you are traveling.

    If you are traveling on a weekend or non rush hour during the week i prefer:

    I-10 to 91 to 60 to 57 to Ball Road exit.
    I do I-10 to 60 (dumps into 215?) to 91 and then 57
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