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    When does Disneyland usually have hotel deals?

    I was planning a trip for the first week in March and would REALLY like to budget for the Grand Californian. Unfortunately, $1000 does not sound too exciting to pay for a hotel room, AP or not. So I was wondering in past years, what times does Disney usually offer deals like buy 3 get 2 and such? Their 40% off right now is AMAZING, but that's not going to last until March. =P

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: When does Disneyland usually have hotel deals?

    I've been watching the 40% of their hotel rooms for majority of the year. Like some of their promotions they extend it, but that's not a guarantee that they will extend it although I've watched it happen for the past several months.

    You can always reserve a room for the time period you want and then watch for the promotions and if the prices go down they will honor it. They just leave it up to you, to contact them if you see it. I know others on here have booked their trips in advance and as the dates got closer they checked back and saw the pricing went down and got refunded the difference. So that's always an option.

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    Re: When does Disneyland usually have hotel deals?

    March is not a really good month to expect any great deals.........since you are going in the first week, however, you might get in on the tail end of some winter discount.

    Good luck
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