Soooo me and my husband leave for DLR in 12 days ( but whose counting right?) and we still haven't received our package from the resort containing or tickets and ect..

So I call Disneyland and they informed me that they sent it to our old address from a year ago.. totally my fault when I made the reservations. Then they tell me that it was shipped on the 24th. So they cant change the address and send it to me. I. was. devastated.

I was given over to an amazing cast member who then called UPS personally to check if they still had our package and told them to please hold on to it as long as they could. She said if I wasn't able to receive the package they will send it to our hotel and it will be there waiting for us when we arrive. Since we we moved then to a different town she gave my street directions to the store.

I was amazed. She was so helpful!! I was blown away by the service and thought I would share.