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    Disneyland on Monday!!!

    Okay folks, it's coming. I will be in the place where dreams come true on MONDAY! YES!

    Last minute questions, how do I get the perfect spot in the hub for the fireworks, and what is the perfect spot?! Is it possible to go from fireworks to last showing of Fantasmic?! Any tips on eating in the parks?! The parks will be closing earlyish at 8 for most the week, what can we do after the parks close?! Anything at all, special places in the parks, how to beat the crowds? How magic morning works!

    Anything you can think of to tell me would be excellent. The Canadians are invading Disneyland baby! Maybe I'll sneak attack some of you when you least expect it

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    Re: Disneyland on Monday!!!

    what can we do after the parks close?!

    We love Downtown Disney after the parks close, ESPN zone in particular if you have a lot of energy. Also bowling at Anaheim city walk is great, its name is "300" and sometimes they are open late with discounted bowling, you can call and ask for times and dates.

    Is it possible to go from fireworks to last showing of Fantasmic?!

    Yes, but it is a mad dash, and there are tons of people. If you can, try and catch the fireworks another night in the hub. That way you can go to the first fantasmic showing and watch the fireworks from New Orleans, its a wonderful change of perspective, if you have already watched from the hub.

    Have fun!


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