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Thread: coming from LGB

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    coming from LGB

    HI All,

    we will be coming in from LGB, on a Sat night at around 8:00pm. Should we take the 405 or should we drive down Kattella? I am torn, and google maps say to take the freeway.


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    Re: coming from LGB

    LGB = Long Beach Airport?
    Sorry, that's not as familiar as LAX or ONT or BUR.

    The 405 to The 22 to The 5, and you're on your own from there.
    You say "we," so get in the carpool lane.
    "Here You Leave the World of California Today and Enter the World of, um, er, California Today."

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    Re: coming from LGB

    Saturday at 8pm? Freeway all the way. Too many lights on Katella.

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    Re: coming from LGB

    Skip the freeway n' just cruise the side streets on in. You're 20mins either way.
    Just countin' the days til the next visit!

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