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    From DLR to Newport Beach??

    Hello All, my girlfriend and I are planning a trip to Disneyland from June 8-12th and we'd like to get to the beach. Anyone know how much a cab would be from DLR to Newport Beach? I see that taking OCTA would take about an hour and a half each way and that seems like a bit of a nuisance. I would just rent a car for the day, but unfortunately I'll be about 15 days away from my 25th birthday and that extra $30 really hurts. Are there any other shuttles that people know about?


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    Re: From DLR to Newport Beach??

    Huntington Beach might be a little easier.

    OCTA 50 westbound for 17 minutes to Beach Blvd.
    OCTA 29 southbound for 44 minutes to PCH.
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    Re: From DLR to Newport Beach??

    It would probably be $30 per way to get to Newport. Bus is a hassle BUT it'll save you over $50.

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    Re: From DLR to Newport Beach??

    First take Bus 50 east to the Village at Orange (this bus will also take you to the Anaheim Amtrak/Metro station, where you can take the train to San Clemente or San Juan Capistrano, or north to L.A., etc.)

    Then take Bus 71 (the Tustin Route) south, all the way to Newport Beach or the Balboa Pier.

    Complete OCTA Route guide:

    OCTA Route map:
    OCTA Map
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    Re: From DLR to Newport Beach??

    I live in Newport and used to live in HB. By car (cab) time wise both locations are just as far, even though HB looks closer it is further west and so they both take the same time 20-25 minutes to get to and from the park.

    I'd say the cost of a cab would be $30-$40. So the bus would be a lot cheaper.

    Have you considered staying in Newport? Sure the costs of the hotels are more, but you get a lot more bang for the buck. Especially since occupancy rates are so low lately. For example amcouple years ago the Balboa Bay Club was giving rental cars away with each room rental.

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