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    When is Spring Break in 2012?

    Am thinking of a March or April trip next year, but would like to avoid Spring Break times. Looking for opinions of the window of when this happens. Would prefer to sneak in just before it hits, or alternatively, right after. Thanks!

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    Re: When is Spring Break in 2012?

    Easter is April 8. So, two weeks before and two weeks after is most of Easter Break.

    The rest of Spring Break is centered around the Equinox, which is, at Disneyland, March 19, 2012.

    You'll want end your trip before Fri March 16, or start your trip after Sun April 22.

    Just my guess. It's pretty far off to be making guesses that are accurate.
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    Re: When is Spring Break in 2012?

    I can tell you that the colleges in AZ are on Spring break from March 12-16. Most of the lower grade levels in my area are that week, the week after or both. A LOT of Arizonans go to DLR for Spring Break. It's an annual trip for us.

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    Re: When is Spring Break in 2012?

    Many school now days don't attach their "spring break" to Easter. The university where my daughter is going had her spring break almost 5 weeks before the high school I work at did. You can pretty much figure that the beginning of March to the first part of May is going to potentially be busy with someone, somewhere out on break.

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    Re: When is Spring Break in 2012?

    2012 Spring Break for my kids is the first week of April, so I think it's a safe bet to plan that some school, somewhere has a break that falls somewhere between March - May.

    According to the DLR AP site, the entire month of April is blocked out for the So Cal APs, so... I'd definitely expect larger crowds throughout April, 2012.

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