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    planning our august trip! 2 questions!!???

    so I posted before that we are planning our almost free trip this summer. well just as I'm about to order our disneyland tickets with our airmiles, they have a 7 day park hopper for only 100 airmiles more then a 3 day parkhopper. Ironically I told my husband (who was sooooo not even close to excited about this trip) about it and he wants to get them and spend another 2 days in anaheim! The funny part is I'm the one saying "maybe thats a little too much disneyland" (who am I!??? too much that even possible!?) So basically do you think 6 days is too much disneyland? we've been 3 times before as a family and I've been 8 times before. Keep in mind we also have 3 teenage sons who also aren't disney freaks. My thinking was this way we can spend justa few hours a day at disneyland instead of rushing through 3. BUT the annual passes are unblocked that weekend and the D23 expo is going on! I'm so torn! even if they ARE free!

    and this brings me to my next question. since we are staying for another 2 days, we need to book another hotel. I currently have us booked at the ramada maingate from aug 15-19. We again are using our airmiles to get free best western giftcards for the rest of the trip. we have $1500 worth of them. So instead of paying extra money I would rather change hotels and stay at a best western for free. But which one? So far I'm leaning towards stovalls. its cheaper and it has a bigger pool. The reason I ddin't book anaheim or PPI was because the pool was so small. So I would still rather not stay there. But there are still a few other choices. raffles, pavillions, courtesy, etc. So which one would YOU choose!??

    Thankyou for any input guys. we're all getting excited!! 45 more sleeps until we leave!!!

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    Re: planning our august trip! 2 questions!!???

    If you will be down during Expo and you have tickets for that, then 7 days will work out great! You can be at Expo during the day, and the resort at night. Summer nights are wonderful in the park!

    As for the motel... I've stayed at Stovalls, but it was a very long time ago. But its pretty close to the park. Most of the Best Westerns have continental breakfasts I think so with a family that can be a plus. With teenagers thats probably not enough to fill them up but it would at least put a dent in them! There is a Coco's restaurant close. Their website says there is a shuttle, but I don't know if that is the ART shuttles, which are $4 a day (multiple days discounts available).

    Park Place and The Anaheim Inn are right across the street from the resort. You can't get any closer. Interesting... Park Place and Stovalls charge $8 for parking, Anaheim Inn is free for one car, but they don't have a breakfast.

    If you think you might be doing Expo, Stovalls is within walking distance of the convention center. Well, technically the others are too, but Stovalls is a bit closer since its on Katella. If you were just going to go to the resort and if you could get the room for free I'd say stay across the street. But if you plan on doing both I think Stovalls would suit the bill.

    Not sure if that was any help at all or not!

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