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    WoC picnic boxes

    hello all!

    Family and I are going to Disneyland the first week of Dec. and have not been there since the world of color opened so we want good seats for it and was wondering if it was worth it to get the picnic boxes for the seating and also are they any good thanks for the info

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    Re: WoC picnic boxes

    We did the WOC picnic boxes in March. But honestly, I don't think it's necessary to obtain good tickets, IMO. The food was very good. But when it comes to the show, none of us could see anything. I was very disappointed.

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    Re: WoC picnic boxes

    I did this with my boyfriend.We made a nice quiet dinner for us with it because we didn't have to eat it in the park! It was perfect, the food was good and it beat trying to get a Fast Pass ticket from the Fast Pass machines. We had great view and great section! I think overall if you want to see WOC, do the picnic box things, it's well worth it!

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    Re: WoC picnic boxes

    My wife and I have used the picnic boxes each time we've seen the show (3 times), and have enjoyed it each time. As long as you know that you need to be standing in line roughly 15 minutes before the time listed on your ticket, and you know to go to the front of any row in your section, you'll have great spots for the show. (Granted, that would probably go for any section you're in, but getting the picnic boxes means you don't have to worry about standing in a FastPass line.)
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