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    Secret tips for Disneyland

    Hey I wrote this in another section, but I actually think this might be a more appropriate area:

    Hey guys! So I wrote this blog post about my secrets:
    Secrets of the Mouse I am Not the Babysitter!

    Of course I want to share my tips with you, but I know you guys have more.
    If you are willing and you can think or some great tips, do you mind adding them in the comment section?

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    Re: Secret tips for Disneyland

    Here's one:

    - Get to the park when it opens, and ride the Fantasyland attractions, especially Dumbo and Peter Pan. You'll avoid the long lines that form later in the day.

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    Re: Secret tips for Disneyland

    Nice Post.. Informative thanks for sharing here!!

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    Re: Secret tips for Disneyland

    Hrm, the link would not work for me... But I enjoyed peeking around your blog.

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