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    Question Typical Mid September Weather

    I know this is sort of a nebulous question as things can change but for those of you that spend a lot of time at the resort how do you find the weather to be in mid September?

    We've already booked our Vacation Club Villa and are coming down regardless but it would be nice to have a rough idea of what to expect considering our past trips have been in mid February, late May and early July.

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    Re: Typical Mid September Weather

    Expect it to be hot and possibly really hot usually upto the high 80s, and only down to 60. It can also be windy, this can effect the night shows so see Fireworks first chance you get in case it's canceled. Then F! and least effect by wind WoC. It is typically dry with rain being rare.

    Check the weather before you leave in case you need to plan for wind, extreme heat, pants for cold nights and mornings, or the odd rain shower.

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    Re: Typical Mid September Weather

    These are some sites that show you "averages." But remember... these are just averages. Actual weather can vary quite a bit in So Cal. We've had some very atypical weather so far this year, with dryer and warmer conditions than usual, so its hard to say what our fall will be like. The chance of rain is all but non existent (the exception being 1976, when a Pacific hurricane dropped some heavy rain in parts of So Cal) But over all mid September is usually fairly mild weather wise, and mid week, mid month the crowds are usually pretty light too. Early fall is a beautiful time to be in the park!

    Average Temperatures and Attendance Trends for Disneyland - Magical Travel

    Average Weather for Anaheim, CA - Temperature and Precipitation

    Disneyland Weather - current conditions and average Disneyland weather

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