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    I am taking my almost three year old and my 10 month old to DL in two weeks. I am debating bringing our Chicco double stroller, or taking two maclaren strollers? What would be the pros and cons of bringing each? I will say that I like that I have that huge stroller, and can have all that space, but I also don't want to get trapped, or stuck with the huge stroller if the older kid wants to run around and not really sit.

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    Re: Stroller

    Is that double stroller a double-wide or double-long?
    If double-wide, then no. If double-long, then fine.

    Your 3-year-old might want a nap and fall asleep before you get back to the hotel.

    Also, if it's only you, then take the double-stroller regardless of dimensions. Not sure how you'd manuver two single-strollers alone.
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