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    World of Color Viewing

    This is my first trip to Disneyland and I'm super excited. My big thing is World of Color. I can't wait to see this! It's like nothing we have at WDW. I'm short and by short I mean I'm really short so I want to be in a good spot to see WOC. I am willing to pay for a dining package if that's really the best way. I'll be going in June so it will be hot and crowded and I know this. But if you were going to see WOC what is the best way to get good seats?

    I guess it's the same with Fantasmic where is a good viewing area for this and how early should I get there?

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    Re: World of Color Viewing

    For WoC, there is no seating, only standing. If you go with one of the meal packages, you don't get a better view, just a different area to view from. Those packages offer little benefit and you really only pay for the food.

    The key is to return early, the FP you get to view has an hour return time on it, come before that by 5-15 minutes. When you are let in Paradise Park, most people rush to the front, find any spot along the railings so there is nobody right in front of you. If you go to a second show, I wouldn't reccomend this because it can hurt the overall exprience, the return time is short and the overall wait reduced. Still arrive 5-15 minutes early.

    For F!, there is sitting up front in the level along the water. Standing behind. Also a desert package that includes a desert box, chairs, and can be reserved a month ahead of time. People will start filling in the sitting area, holding spots with blankets, about 3 even 4 hours before the show. It's easiest if you watch the second show, just wait over by Splash Mountain, riding that, HM or Pooh. Then as the first shows crowd leaves, fill in behind and take the empty spots.

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    Re: World of Color Viewing

    for WoC if you don't mind getting wet, get there early and ask for the wet area. you can get right up front by the water.

    for F! if you get the Dessert Seating get the first show if you can. you get to stay there for the fireworks show. also when you select your seats, try and stay away from the stone columns that hold up the metal railings. they can block part of the show if you are too close.

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